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Upcoming Events 

Please check event location


All tickets must be pre-purchased.

Refunds given only if we can resale your ticket.

Please text us if you cannot make it.

We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday April 21st 1pm

Reiki One Certification

📍Awakened Soul



Reiki One Certification with Joni Simmons


Reiki, “Life Force Energy” flowing through us, through every living thing! Are you ready to begin your Reiki journey? This first level course will provide you with the foundation necessary to understand and practice the healing art of Reiki. Learning Reiki is a good starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy and a wonderful method for deepening awareness of universal energy. Reiki complements other healing methods and spiritual practices.

Reiki is a Japanese healing method using Universal Life Force Energy, which you become attuned to for the purpose of channeling these energies through you. Reiki cleanses, energizes, restores, revitalizes, and balances the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki effects change, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In this Reiki One Class you will learn:

*History and origin of Reiki (we will touch on this, and you will receive your manual for you to read complete history at your leisure)

*Hand Positions for self treatments

as well as facilitating sessions for others.

*Calling in guides, and highest energy.

*Principles & guidelines


*Reiki Activation/Attunement

*Give and receive Reiki share


A Reiki attunement is an initiation into a sacred metaphysical order that has been present on Earth for thousands of years. By receiving an attunement you will become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to heal themselves and each other, and who are working together to heal the Earth. By becoming part of this group, your connection to the spiritual qualities of life will become stronger and more meaningful.

The attunement is also a process of empowerment that opens your crown, heart and palm chakras in a special way so as to connect you to the source of Reiki energy.

Class is limited to 12. 

Please pre register by sending your deposit or payment in full.

Course is $150

Deposit $50 (non refundable)

Balance of $100 paid when you arrive for class

Monday April 22nd 7:30pm

Earth Day Full Moon Ceremony & Drum Circle

📍Awakened Soul



Ceremony/Ritual & Drum Circle.

We will gather together at Awakened Soul for tea, ceremony/ritual, cleansing our energy with palo Santo, and setting intentions. We will then head outside with our music and instruments, drumming our way to the park for drum circle. Bring your drum, rattle, shaker, or other instrument if you have one. If you don't have an instrument, we have extra! We will continue to move, shake, drum and dance with instruments and music under the full moon!

Drumming is a trusted conduit of energy for thousands of years, the rhythm of the drum can bring body, mind and spirit back into balance. Drumming also induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress.

Limited Seating, must pre-register.

Thursday May 2nd 7:30pm

Awaken Soul Circle

📍Awakened Soul


Awaken Soul Circle will take place the first Thursday of the month. We gather seated on matted flooring, on floor chairs, so please dress comfortable.

Class is limited to 14, so make sure to register for your spot!

Ticket price is a scale for you to choose what you are able to donate $11.11, $15.15 or $22.22

Awaken Soul Circle is different themed each month. You will experience different meditations, energies, processes, modalities, ceremonies, or maybe we will just pull cards and play. Hope to see you join us sometime!


Reimbursements given if canceled within 48 hours

Saturday May 11th 7:30pm

Raise Your Vibration SoundBath

📍On Stage Dance Studio

25 N. 100 E. Studio F (downstairs)




Join us in Raising Our Vibration,

as Joni & Chris Z (The Handpan Man) come together for this amazing sound healing journey.


Opening with OMing. When we chant the three syllables together, we connect the separate states of being, moving from the physical body, to the subtle body, and finally to the energetic body. Each OM is a journey from the lowest form all the way to the highest, and then back again. A beautiful connection! Then Joni will guide us though shaking it off to to Chris on djembe. Allowing the drum vibration to break up stagnant energy, negativity and blocks. Anything you are holding onto that is not serving you, keeping you stuck, or from achieving your dreams. Once lighter in our bodies, you come into stillness and relaxation for a beautiful sound healing journey. The pure bliss of handpans, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, bells, chimes, rain stick, ocean drum, and multiple gongs, will expand our consciousness and raise your vibration.


We are looking forward to experiencing these new moon and healing energies with you!


Event location;

On Stage Dance Studios 25 N. 100 E. Studio F (downstairs)




$33 per person or $60 for two.

Must preregister

No refunds within 48 hours of event, unless we can resale your ticket.

Tuesday May 7th 7:30pm

New Moon Ceremony & Meditation

📍Awakened Soul



New Moon is a reset button to do something new, or change things up in your life. New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start, making it the ideal time to make wishes, set new intentions, and plant new seeds. Watch them bloom and grow throughout the remainder of the moon cycle. 


We will gather in a circle for New Moon ritual/Ceremony and setting intentions, followed by meditation with sound healing. We will be seated on floor chairs for this event.


Limited seating, must preregister $22

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