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Mom & Daughter

Joni Simmons

Joni is a gifted and intuitively guided energy worker. Sharing her gifts, insights, and connections, along with this awakening journey with others is her passion.

This profound journey of learning, growing and awakening began for her in 2012. Feeling strongly she had a higher purpose, she began her journey into opening her awareness for guidance. This led her to a deeper understanding of the subconscious, how we show up for one another's experiences, our connection to all things, and energy work. Her fascination with energies, and the metaphysical healing methods led her to her Reiki Master, Ministers License, all levels of Seraphim Blueprint, Pranic Healing, Shambhala, Access Consciousness, Deeksha Givers Course for Oneness Blessings, Guided Channeling, knowledge in A Touch for Health healing method, understanding of the B.E.S.T. system, along with the importance of Emotional Clearing, Meridian Balancing, and ultimately Crystal Light Bed Therapy. She works with crystals, programming crystals, grids, and cleanses spaces.

Joni's purpose at this time in her journey is to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance, this allowing healing to take place on all levels. Assisting in opening awareness, raising the vibration and awakening of humanity.... Thus, Awakened Soul.

Savanah Rae Simmons

Savanah is a huge part of Awakened Soul’s beauty and creativity! You will find Savanah much of the time in our boutique, pleasantly greeting our customers and clients. Savanah can also help you with finding just right crystals  and their meanings. Often times you will find her creating beautiful displays, and taking photos for our social media posts. Savanah is highly artistic, and does a wonderful job at running our Instagram.   

The journey is the destination...

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