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Balancing Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit




Vibin' Shop • Events • Services

Awakened Soul has an energy of its own, and is constantly evolving. This magical space has been created to assist you on your awakening journey. A space where like-minded souls connect, share, learn, experience and raise their vibration. 

When you first come through our VIBIN' SHOP door, the aroma of sage and incense fill the air. There’s a blissful intoxication, as many sacred and spiritual items. There are crystals galore, and in many shapes and sizes. Raw natural rocks, fossils, and gems. You will find symbols, stickers, cards, books, tapestries, jewelry and more. We stock many local and unique artists creations. So many VIBIN' treasures to take in!  Just to BE in this space is what often draws many like-minded awakening souls here. 

Our monthly special events take place at BrickHouse, 21 N. Main Street, which is just two doors North of us. Joni regularly facilitates about three events a monthly. A guided meditation Sound Bath monthly. Full moon and new moon sound bath events, which often one will include another sound facilitator, and or ceremony and drum circle. Joni also teaches Reiki certification classes, and special workshops. You can stay connected and notified of our events and workshops by following our Facebook page (awakenedsoulcenter). Upcoming events are listed under our event page of this website. 

Here at Awakened Soul we also offer energy healing sessions, and some of you may have heard of Joni’s unique Awakened Soul Session. In these sessions one will experience a powerful combination of sound, vibration, cleansing, energies, activations, downloads, and insights, that will assist you into a state of well-being. Bringing in more of your own gifts, awareness, and alignment to your soul blueprint. Joni also offers sessions of Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars, Guided Meditation, Sound Baths (private, partner, groups), as well as remote energy sessions. We all benefit from energy sessions, assisting us in acclimating to the new energies of today, helping with the integration process, keeping us more balanced, assisting healing, wellness, shifting, raising vibration, aligning one closer to their heart's desire, and highest good. As the energy of earth continues to rise, we are shifting more out of our head/ego, and more into our hearts, where we are vibrating at a higher LOVE frequency. As our mind, body, soul, and spirit become balanced it allows the natural healing process to take place; becoming more able to tune into our own energy body and facilitate our own healing on an emotional, mental, and physical level. This is essential with the changes our physical bodies are experiencing as these NEW higher energies are arriving on the planet. Plus these sessions feel AMAZING and you leave feeling lighter, like a blissful energy bath.

Life’s amazing journey is full of gifted souls here to share in our experiences, and to assist one another on this journey. We are honored to be sharing this space and facilitating in this process.

15 N. Main Street

St. George, Utah 84770

Vibin' Shop Hours

Monday - Saturday

11:11am - 5:55pm

Energy & Sound Healing Sessions 

 With Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Monthly events are posted in on our shop, on website event page, & Facebook. 

All events are held at 


21 N. Main Street

(2 doors North of us)

Pre-registration required

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